Vulnerability Scanning

Helping you manage and mitigate cyber security risks

Uncover weaknesses in your IT systems that could be used against you.

IT infrastructure is a critical part of many businesses, storing all of your digital assets and customer data. You want to keep your network as secure as possible, any external vulnerabilities could enable an attacker to gain access to anything on your network

Commissioning a vulnerability scan enables organisations to reduce security risk and provide assurance into the security of their IT estates, by mitigating weaknesses before they can be maliciously exploited.

SEBS IT offers a scanning service that aims to identify any problems or vulnerabilities on your network. Our tests identify vulnerabilities that could be used by an attacker.

Vulnerability scanning is vital for a strong cyber security strategy

Vulnerability scanning is a form of ethical cyber security assessment that seeks to identify, safely exploit and help to remediate vulnerabilities across computer systems, applications and websites. By utilising the same tools and techniques used by cyber adversaries, replicating the conditions of a genuine attack.

  • Demonstrates security commitment
  • Supports compliance requirements

Increase Security

Vulnerability scans uncover flaws in your infrastructure, identifying areas of improvement.

Monitor 27/7/365

Comprehensive Scans

Our powerful vulnerability scanning engine is always up-to-date with the latest threat intelligence.

Full reporting

Our custom reports provide full visibility and insight into your most serious vulnerabilities

See what your attacker sees.

Because your attacker is scanning, too.

Benefits of Managed Vulnerability Scanning

There are many benefits of having vulnerability management capability in place to help protect your environment and provide a proactive stance against threats to your organisation:
  • Improved security and control
  • Fast identification of vulnerabilities before external threats can take advantage of them
  • Continuous threat visibility and reporting across your environment – all of the time
  • Eliminate blind spots across your environment
  • Contributes to meeting compliance, governance, and data protection requirements
  • Operational efficiencies – scanning is repeatable, automated, and efficient meaning you get repeatable results
  • Vulnerability prioritisation – know what to remediate first
  • Patch management – vulnerability scanning can enhance and evolve your existing patch management program
System Hacked


of SMBs have experienced cyberattacks in which malware evaded their legacy antivirus solutions.



of small and midsized businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within six months.

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