Pay As You Go IT Support

Designed for companies that only need support every now and then

Pay As You Go IT Support.

Ideal for companies that only need support occasionally or simply need ad-hoc IT support to cover staff absences and aid internal IT support or smaller businesses that don't need a full support contract. With reasonable rates and quick response times, your business can pick and choose when assistance is needed.

Need best of both worlds?

Want to save money and still have peace of mind that your server and critical business systems are covered. Your server , backup and key systems are monitored 24/7/365 and maintained for a smaller monthly fee, while your PC’s and laptops are covered on a Pay As You Go basis.

Ready to sign up?

You'll need to pre-register your details with us, to ensure we are all set to help you when needed. Please use the form to register your details.

Don't like forms? Give us a call on 01444 416641 instead and we'll get you all setup.

Have a bill?

Thank you for choosing SEBS IT, Please enter your Card details to complete your payment of £25 + VAT, and we'll look into your issue straight away.*
(* only enter payment info if you have been asked to by your friendly expert)
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Need more commitment ?

If Pay As You go doesn’t quite cut it and you like the idea of everything being covered with one maintenance agreement, No problem, our IT Support Contracts are perfect for companies that need that extra piece of mind.

Your remote IT Support starts here

When a technician asks to connect to your device, please use the links below

01444 416641

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