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Managed IT Services designed to help you gain a competitive advantage

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A healthy company grows and develops. That’s what we want for each of our clients. This often means leveraging current technologies to maximize business performance, streamline costs and safeguard security.

When your technology becomes a daily headache and a nuisance, reducing your overall productivity. It’s time to do something about it. That’s where SEBS IT comes to the rescue! We can keep your IT from taking your time, money, and resources so that you can focus on your business.

With our fully managed services you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is up to date, regularly maintained, and constantly monitored.


Support you can count on

Small businesses today need reliable IT support services that know their business goals and requirements, attend to their needs quickly, and proactively maintain their networks. Our Managed IT services have been specifically designed from years of experience to provide you with all of the benefits of full service IT department, at a fraction of the cost.

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Managed IT Services
What Managed IT Support Services do SEBS IT provide?

Key features of our Managed Services Plans:

Fast Resolutions

Our response times are rapid, so you know we will be there for you when you need us. We solve most problems within 30 minutes of being reported via email, or phone.

Proactive Support Model

Our proactive maintenance plans will prevent issues and keep your systems healthy. When you are a managed services customer, it’s our mission to keep your systems finely tuned and optimised whilst continually making improvements to your systems.

Predictable Spending

Our managed services plans give you everything you need while staying within your own budget requirements. We can plan our work around your needs and budget. No more surprises at billing time!

Direct Access to Tech Staff

Our managed IT service plans give you and your staff direct access to our friendly, knowledgeable technicians via phone or email. We pride ourselves as an extension of your business, reaching out to us is as easy as calling over to a team member.

Our managed IT services include as standard:

Day-to-day IT Support

Fast and reliable IT Support ensuring any issues are swiftly resolved.
Priority response time to critical requests.
Proactive and Expert advice in plain English.
New user and leaver management.
Remote and Onsite IT Support.
Support for 3rd party software applications.
Procurement of hardware and software on your behalf.


Proactive Management

Proactive maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of your systems to prevent issues.
Proactive installation of Windows updates and other Microsoft Software.
Routine patching of both hardware and software to fix vulnerabilities.
Out of hours maintenance schedule to limit business interruption.
Remote management tools to enforce policies and best practices.
Logging and assessments of reoccurring problems to pinpoint the root cause.

Future Planning

Regular planning meetings to ensure your IT matches your business goals and costs.
Recommendations on technology that will help grow your business. Keeping you in touch with the latest trends in cybersecurity to safeguard your business.
Reporting on user experience and how improvements can be made.
IT environment audits to ensure everything is set up correctly and maintained.

Will our services fit your business?
Our IT Support services are perfect for you if:

You are an SME with 5-50+ people in your company

Your business is reliant on fit for purpose IT

You’re looking for IT Support that fits around you with no surprises


You want speedy access to your IT Support.

You’re looking for an 100% UK based IT outsourcing.

You’re looking for an IT Support company which helps you succeed.

What other services do we offer?
Our expert IT services also include:
Managed IT Services
Managed services is our core business, we’ll handle all aspects of your organisation’s IT needs.
Cyber Security
We proactively protect your organisation from the inside out with our advanced network security services.
IT Support
Not every organisation wants or needs an in-house IT department. Outsource your IT department.
Collaborate with our ultra-fast phone, connectivity, internet, audio, and video conferencing solutions.
Cloud Solutions
Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft 365, allow you to operate securely from anywhere, at any time.
Disaster Recovery
We provide services and solutions across the UK that can prevent or help you recover from the next disaster.
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