Phishing Simulation

Train Your Employees to Recognise and Report Phishing and Other Email Threats

The weakest level of defense in your organisation are your users

Phishing has become the prefered attack method of choice for cybercriminals due to its high success rate and is a serious threat to businesses.

It's straightforward to explain how to avoid everyday spam emails and other obvious signs, yet a Phishing email will look just like a message that they’d regularly expect from their contacts. Your employees need to know how to spot a phishing attempt, so they don't fall prey to one, and you need to know that they’re able to do so.

End users are the single most vulnerable target in most businesses. We can help by phishing them for you. Ensuring you are informed of any mistakes they make and where additional education is needed.

Phishing attacks are the #1 cause of data breaches

Why Your Business is at Risk

It can take only one successful attack to crack your organisations security processes. A well-educated and vigilant workforce plays a crucial role in preventing advanced social engineering attacks, including email attacks.

  • Train
  • Recognise
  • Report

Protect your investment in four easy steps

Create Simulation

We create a tailored Phishing Campaign


See who gets fooled

Phishing messages go out whenever you want.

Analyse the results

See exactly what happened in clear reports.

Raise Awareness

Give training to those who need it

What is Phishing Attack Simulation?

Phishing is a cyberattack executed using an email. Attackers pose as legitimate business contacts or other institutions and simply attempt to lure recipients into providing sensitive data such as passwords, bank account details, and other personally identifiable information that can be later used to steal identities, data, and money.

A Phishing simulation is a method that allows an organisation to gauge the awareness of its employee by sending realistic, but harmless phishing emails. Phishing simulation is commenly used in conduction with training to educate employees about these attacks, how they work, and how to avoid them.

Benefits of our phishing program to organizations

With our phishing program, your organization can conduct simulations as an effective tool to train and test employees' cybersecurity awareness and susceptibility to spear-phishing, social engineering tactics, and ransomware attacks.
  • Prevent Data Breaches
  • Employees learn how to spot phishing attacks
  • Security leaders can identify particularly risky and at-risk employees
  • Training satisfies compliance standards
  • It helps businesses foster a strong security culture
With our Phishing Simulation Services, your business may use simulations to train and test staff members  cyber security awareness and susceptibility to ransomware, social engineering, and spear-phishing and other types of attacks.  We'll report your activity so that your company can better understand the level of security awareness of the employees.
System Hacked


of SMBs have experienced cyberattacks in which malware evaded their legacy antivirus solutions.



of small and midsized businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within six months.

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