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Has my account been hacked?

2016 saw some of the most well-known companies owning up to being hacked. Should I be worried about this, how can i go about finding out if any of my accounts have been hacked and what can i do to protect myself?

Should I be worried?

Over the years many Internet services have been involved in breaches of data resulting in user accounts, passwords and other sensitive data being stolen, There's a possibility that your information is among it and now being used for illegal purposes or perhaps just to send you spam emails.

How can I check?

Troy Hunt, an Microsoft employee has put together a free to use website call "Have I been Pwned". Simply enter your email address and the site will search through the freely available breached data on the internet

Above you can see above my personal email address was found in leaked information from Money Bookers and MySpace

What should I do?

If your account is listed as compromised on one of internet services – please log in, check your personal information and change your password immediately.


Ask yourself a question – is my data and information adequately protected if my password is the only protection?


Maybe is a time for second layer authentication?

In summary

    Visit the website haveibeenpwned.com

    Change your password

    Add two-factor authentication

    Check your account activity

    Add second email address or mobile number for password recovery

    Finally delete the account if you no longer use it


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