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IT Support, Contract Plans VS Pay As You Go Support

Businesses of any shape or size need IT support and with companies looking at outsourced IT services to provide that requirement, it's difficult to know what type of contract suits your business.

Start-ups, Charities and SMEs frequently don't have the budget or the need for hiring full-time in-house IT expertise, a Managed Service provider (MSP) solves that problem by offering all the help and advice you need without the costly overheads. With so many available options for IT support in Sussex, the number of contract types and payment options is overwhelming, with many suppliers only including remote support with large call-out fees or tying you into long contract periods, making the original contract far more expensive in the long term. Allways check what is and isn't included. Working out the ideal IT Services package for you needn't be difficult, we've listed the three most popular packages below so you can find the one that gives you excellent value for money whilst keeping your Business critical IT in check.

When so much of your business relies on technology, finding the perfect IT solutions partner is critical.
Pay As You Go IT Support
Pay As You Go support, exactly as the name implies – you only pay for the hours of support you require, with no contract. This type of support is useful for businesses with only a limited budget and ad hoc IT support needs. Every business should ensure they have at least this type of support in place as a bare minimum. Most suppliers will offer this service but the downside is that the overall cost works out higher and response times are not guaranteed. If don't need regular IT support but would like something in place just in case you do have problems, this is the ideal choice.

Pre-Paid Contract Plans
Paying upfront for your IT costs can be a great idea. You can purchase a block of support time in advance and use it as and when you need to. An upfront block of hours will typically provide support at a discounted hourly rate and provide guaranteed response times. Most will allow you to use pre-paid time for any kind of IT work. If you think your IT requirements are small but you want responsive support at a reduced cost this is a great choice.

All-inclusive Contract Plans
The majority of businesses prefer the peace of mind and security that an annual IT support contract can provide. The advantage of an annual contract is that you know your IT costs in advance and can often pay for your support monthly. With this type of plan in place your IT support provider will often provide a much more proactive service as they no longer have to be conscious of time worked which increases the levels of service and support. If your business requires regular maintenance and support this is the ideal choice.

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