Microsoft SharePoint

Document management, collaboration and security in the Cloud.

Everything in one place is a good thing

Our Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online solutions offer powerful document management, collaboration and security all in the Cloud.

As part of Office 365, SharePoint is easy to manage, offers enhanced security technologies enabling your team members to work together, work better, & work remotely.

SEBS IT offers customised SharePoint packages Whether you're looking for file storage and sharing, company intranets and team sites or business process automation, SharePoint's content management capabilities could be a viable option for your organization.


Mobile and Intelligent Intranets

Share and manage content, knowledge and applications to supercharge your team. Quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across your organization.

  • Simple Sharing and Seamless Collaboration
  • Transform Your Business Processes

SharePoint Solutions that Empower Teams

Used by over 190 million users across 200,000 organizations, SharePoint solutions allow your employees to share content and ideas across teams and locations without having to manage you own infrastructure.

Engage & Inform Your Organization

SharePoint Solutions can double as an employee intranet, allowing you to provide a cohesive and efficient way for team members to access common resources and applications via home sites and portals in SharePoint.

Harness Collective Knowledge

With SharePoint, you're only a click away from what you need. SharePoint provides your employees with powerful search capabilities and rich content management so that they can always discover the information they're looking for.

Transform Your Business Processes

What would you do if you could be more efficient with your time and reap the benefits of a more optimized workforce? With SharePoint, you can accelerate your organization's productivity by transforming your processes through automation.

Key benefits of a SharePoint implementation include:
  • Improved/streamlined team productivity using collaboration tools.
  • Ease of documents management, including version control and history.
  • Preserving content integrity.
  • Sophisticated controls for securing company resources and business information.
  • Built-in workflow templates to automate processes such as approvals, reviews, and archiving.
  • Ability to create custom workflows.
  • Open (but secure) platform for partners, customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Cost-effective foundation for building tailored Web-based applications.

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