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Think your company is too small to get hacked? Think again

Most cybercriminals look at small businesses like a blank chequebook. More often than not small businesses simply don’t put money into their cyber security, hackers and cybercriminals know this and love those odds. When targeting small businesses they are all but guaranteed to find a business that has no IT security or at the most a business that does have some security, but it isn’t set up correctly.

A cyberattack can have a dramatic impact on small organizations - most of them go out of business within a few months of a security breach.
No One is Too Small to Be Targeted

Statistics show there is no such thing as too small to be targeted by a cyber attack, 78% of all cyber-attacks are targeted at businesses of less than 100 employees, Cybercriminals consider SMBs as softer targets than enterprises as they usually have fewer IT resources and less sophisticated cybersecurity defences.

Are you playing into the hands of Cyber Criminals?

If the above describes your business, then you are a dream target for a cyber-criminal.  Which would you rather, Take £100 from a wallet you found on the ground or rob a bank?  Yes, the gains from robbing a bank would much larger, but involve hours of planning, surveillance, research and a specialised team to pull it off, with the slimmest chance of success,  That wallet is a much better target.  With SMEs having little protection in place cybercriminals are tripping over wallets daily.

A breach is worse for an SME.

The fallout from an attack is far more likely to derail smaller businesses than large enterprises, When you consider ransomware payments, loss of intellectual property and your reputation when notifying your customers of a breach. It'll take significant effort to recover and repair your business, sadly without having invested in Cyber Security, Backup and other preventive measures, That could well be an impossible task.

So what do you do? Try these three steps:

Any good cyber defense starts with you and your employees. Most breaches stem from a phishing attack targeting your staff,  Invest in training of employees, as they are the weakest link in your IT security plan.     

Ensure you have up-to-date anti-virus, a managed next-gen firewall and regular patching. Or go one better with endpoint protection along with regular reviews of user and system activity.
Get Help
Getting an in house expert on your team is expensive, but this doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Out sourcing is an excellent way to have an expert team on call that specialises in cybersecurity but with out the price tag

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