Carbon Neutral Computing

Sustainable IT, Part of your journey to Carbon Net-Zero

If you work for a business looking to reduce its carbon footprint, then adopting a sustainable IT purchasing strategy will make a significant difference towards your ESG goals

Our carbon neutral re-manufactured Lenovo, HP and Dell laptops deliver 97% of the performance and up to 40% cost savings compared to brand new latest models.

Every remanufactured, carbon-neutral laptop means:

CO2 Reduction

For every remanufactured laptop purchased, approximately 316kg (700lb) of CO2 emissions are prevented by not buying new. For just 1,000 laptops, that is the same as taking 80 cars off the road for a year.

Resource Preservation

To manufacture the necessary materials to create each component of one laptop, 1,200 kg of the Earth’s resources are mined and consumed. Remanufacturing not only prevents the consumption of additional resources, but also avoids the e-waste from the disposal of a laptop.

Water Saving

Over 190,000 litres (50,000 gallons) of water is saved from being used for extraction, refining & production of one new computer and its components. That is enough drinking water for over 700 years for the average person.

Why buy re-manufactured from SEBS IT?

A certified carbon-neutral product

Through a unique remanufacturing process and carbon-offsetting program, our re-manufactured products are all certified carbon neutral.

5 trees planted for every laptop

5 trees for every re-manufactured laptop planted in your name. All to be planted in Africa, India and the US through our reforestation partners.

3 years extended warranty

Fully tested batteries and a 1-3 year warranty.


Support of social projects

Help to create jobs, employment and empower vulnerable communities across the planet.

Supporting clean energy projects

Supporting solar, wind and other clean energy projects across the world, generating renewable energy and avoiding and increase in carbon footprint.

New lease of life

Every laptop goes through an extensive 5+ hour remanufacturing process and over 300-point quality check. Using selected replacement or upgraded components

"The EU alone disposes of 160,000 laptops every single day, whilst nearly three quarters could be recycled or reused."

United Nations

What is re-manufactoring?

Re-manufacturing to the BS8887 standard is returning a used product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent to (or better than) that of the newly manufactured product

Remanufacturing is the high-end alternative to ‘refurbished’ and a viable alternative to ‘new’

Every laptop goes through the same 5+ hour Remanufacturing Process (to BS 8887 standards) to create a single grade of product that is close to new. We commit to this quality whether you take 5 or 5,000 laptops, zero compromise.

Re-manufactured vs Refurbished

Consistent quality

Precision engineering

Perfect screens

Rigorous testing

Low RMA – less than 3%

Sustainable IT - a certified carbon-neutral product

Inconsistent quality

Basic refurbishment

Limited testing

Filtered screen

High RMA

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