Hosted Exchange

Our premium Cloud email is based on the industry leading Microsoft Exchange and is fully supported by our Service Desk team.

Our cloud based email solution is built on top of the latest Microsoft Exchange technologies
Offering flexibility and mobility without having to sacrifice any business capabilities associated with a traditional onsite server

On-going maintenance and upgrades costs become a thing of the past!

From the word go your business will communicate, collaborate and share quicker, efficiently and more securely than ever before.
With built-in functionality to help protect against viruses and spam along with providing access anywhere to your mailbox data across any device
Massive 50GB space per mailbox – many other suppliers offer much less
Fully scalable add and remove mailboxes as needed , when needed
Fast mailbox sync with desktop, webbrowser, smartphones and tablets
Fully featured business class email based on Microsoft Exchange
Reduced IT infrastructure costs, upgrades and maintenance
Anti-virus and anti-spam built in at no extra cost