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The BT Openreach PSTN and ISDN 2025 Switch Off

In 2015, BT announced that they will be switching off the PSTN and ISDN in 2025, marking the biggest change in the telecoms industry for over 30 years, but what does this mean for you

Why are traditional landlines being withdrawn?

During December 2025, the technology that currently runs our landline telephones will be switched off. Work has already begun to bring traditional phone lines to the end of life. Traditional landlines are currently powered by The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which allows calls to be made over copper telephone lines. As broadband services have increased in reliability and quality over the past 10 years, the PSTN network has evolved to support this change to be almost completely digital. This means there will no longer be a requirement for the majority of traditional fixed lines.

The priority for Openreach is to maintain a high availability fibre first network, as a result, their legacy infrastructure and equipment serving the PSTN is now ageing and becoming more difficult to maintain

How will traditional landlines being withdrawn affect me?

The most impact will be for those businesses still using landline telephones and fax machines. These businesses will need to take steps to move to modern solutions, such as cloud-based phone systems. Cloud phone systems allow calls to be made over the internet and are cost-efficient and easy to install. Modern communication methods also do away with other older PSTN devices such as Fax machines.

Other services rely on the traditional telephone network that may also be affected. Alarm systems, phones in lifts, and payment terminals are common ones. You should contact your provider for specific advice on these


What is the difference between traditional phone lines and cloud phone systems?

  • Cloud-based phone systems have a low setup cost with no need for PBX hardware or servers.
  • Lower call costs with no extra charges for multiple lines or call features.
  • Supports remote working with calls able to be made from anywhere with internet access.
  • Easy and inexpensive to scale up as you grow.


What do I do need to do now?

If your business is dependent on landline telephony, we recommend switching to a cloud phone system as soon as possible. You'll benefit from cost savings, enhanced capabilities, such as call forwarding, recording, and a more efficient phone solution, with no unexpected downtime or interruption leading up to 2025.

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