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What Would a Second Lockdown Mean to Your Business?

As we have now been in lockdown for over five months, the vast majority of businesses (if not all), will have implemented measures to help them work remotely and continue operating as normal. For many companies, these procedures or systems will only be in place temporarily, until their workforce returns to the office environment.

What if we experience a second wave? What if a similar situation develops in the future? With other countries now going into a second lockdown, this is an issue that needs consideration.

Rather than lifting these temporary measures and leaving yourself and your business unequipped to deal with any similar difficulties that may arise in the future, SEBS would recommend continuing any new telecommunications software that you have put in place or investing now to avoid potential disruption to your business. If not, there could be significant detrimental consequences for your company. Focusing on your remote telecoms network, we will be outlining how a poor system could negatively affect both employee relationships and customer relationships, and how you can avoid this.

It is no secret that insufficient telecommunications equipment can lead to a lack of constructive interaction between your workforce, particularly when working remotely. This can cause significant damage in many ways, as effective communication both internally and externally is paramount to the success of most businesses.


If you are not able to communicate effectively with your workforce or reach them when you need to, you may experience issues in managing them. Similarly, your employees rely on your feedback and support, a lack of which can result in errors, misunderstandings and unclear responsibilities.

Of course, a poor telecoms solution can also cause issues between employees and departments. This will be particularly alarming for you if your business is heavily reliant on collaboration between team members.

Company Culture

Have you ever experienced a weak signal when you’ve been on the phone to someone? Do you find it irritating when you have to repeat yourself several times to be heard? Then you know how frustrating poor communication can be.

If you do not have high-quality telecoms systems in place, these irritations will develop in your working environment and throughout your team. If employees do not have clear lines of communication between themselves and their senior members, their opinions of your company will deteriorate, as will their loyalty and commitment to your organisation.


A lack of effective communication and the inability to work collaboratively, you may experience a notable decline in productivity. Most employees yearn for an environment in which they can build relationships, share ideas and learn from one another. This is challenging enough when working from home, so poor telecommunication systems will only harm this further. Without access to the appropriate people, they may not be able to complete their tasks to a high standard, damaging morale and leading to a less productive workforce.

It is not just your internal workforce that should be of concern, but also your external customer base. Whether the phone line is weak and they struggle to hear you, or cannot reach the appropriate contact, poor phone communications can often cause customers to become frustrated with your service and sceptical of your business. In the worst cases, this can lead to customers seeking help elsewhere, a far from desirable result considering that customer satisfaction is crucial to your company.

Unfortunately, this can also deter any potential new customers. In a time where online reviews are so easily accessible, the negative impact on your company may be difficult to recover from.

What can you do to help?

Both customers and employees want to feel heard, understood and valued. At SEBS, we understand just how important this is, which is why we provide flexible and scalable telecommunications systems of the highest quality. If you’d like to know more about our remote working solutions, or even make an enquiry about an alternative service, contact us today on 01444 41 66 41.