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The Employer Benefits of Employee Remote Working

Throughout this current pandemic, SEBS has so far provided you with several ways that you can prepare your business for remote working and implement the new system amongst your employees, but what if this becomes a more permanent way of working?

 Many seem to think that Covid-19 will cause a significant shift towards remote working in the long term, rather than just a precautionary measure whilst we make efforts to ‘flatten the curve’. Although many employees would welcome this ‘distributed work revolution’ with open arms, it often causes concern for employers who may feel this precedes a lack of workforce control. On the contrary, the consequences of remote working can often prove beneficial to all parties, including both the employer and the employees.

In this article, we explore several benefits of remote working for employers. Read on for more information!


Savings on Equipment

We’ll start with the big one. Employees working from home can result in significant cost reductions for your business. The vast majority of people will have a mobile phone and a laptop, tablet or desktop computer at home so as a business owner and employer, it makes sense for you to capitalise on this. Alongside a business grade file-and-sync system, your employees will be able to access everything they need from wherever they are, provided they have a decent Wi-Fi connection. You should also consider implementing a Cloud phone system, so staff are able to make and receive work calls from their own mobile phones. Thus, there is no need to invest in the latest Apple Mac or office telephones.


Savings on Premises

Similarly, you will notice a significant reduction in premise costs. With fewer people attending the physical office, if any at all, your business may be able to operate within a smaller space. Consequently, with less people in the office, you will also see a reduction in bills and other costs associated with renting or owning an office. All money that you can then use to reinvest in your business.


Recruit Only the Best

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of remote working is that you’re able to recruit the best in your industry, with little or no geographical restrictions. You may even be able to hire someone overseas, though most business owners prefer their employees to be in a particular location or time zone.


Reduced Absenteeism

Absenteeism is often a ramification of the commute. Most employees hate their daily commute and will face delays, poor manners and traffic jams before they have even arrived at work. Unsurprisingly, a lot of employees claim delays are as bad as having a pay cut. This can all be curbed through remote working. You may even find that employees are happy to start a few minutes earlier and stay a few minutes late to complete a task as there is no rush to get home.


Increased Productivity

Most importantly, all of the above help increase employee productivity, despite business owners' concern for the contrary. Investing trust in your team and allowing them to work in a familiar and comfortable space will mean less distractions for them and thus, more work done. It is unsurprising that permanent remote working is becoming a popular alternative.



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