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Establishing IT Systems that Withstand Major Health Concerns: Coronavirus

Are you and your employees able to work from anywhere? Are your IT systems, software and documents distributed and still in sync? From heavy storms and natural disasters to widespread health concerns, the demand for your staff to be able to work from anywhere is now becoming mission critical.

The vast majority of businesses are dependent on technology and their IT support, so it is essential that your company can still operate if employees are unable to work onsite. Over 1.3million of us now work from home full time so, as businesses begin to roll out laptops to staff and encourage homeworking to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, it is imperative that you have measures in place. 

Cloud File Server 

Almost everyone has a smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop so as a business owner, it makes sense for you to capitalise on this. A business-grade ‘file and sync system’ will enable your employees to sync corporate files and important materials from your business network to remote computers and mobile devices, allowing staff to confidently continue their various activities without needing to visit the physical office space.

Once the relevant files have been saved and synced, users can open, view, email and share files between devices. General productivity files, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, can even be accessed and edited on mobile phones, provided the correct applications have been installed.

By cloud-enabling your file server, there is no need to worry about VPN’s either, as they stay synced between the server, their computers and mobile devices, allowing users to continue to operate should your business network fail or become unavailable.

You will find that having all critical files and the necessary technology at the fingertips of your team will prove most useful when working in the field, at home or on business trips.

Cloud Phone Systems

Whilst all Cloud systems improve mobility and flexibility, this is particularly true when it comes to phone systems.

Modern Cloud phone systems often include iOS and Android applications that allow users to make and receive calls from their office number on their mobile phone. Beyond that, these applications also come with all the features found on traditional high-end desk telephones.

Concerned about monitoring activity on mobiles? Desk telephones no longer need to be physically connected to a wall port in your office, an internet connection is the only requirement to become part of your business phone system. The same applies with mobiles. Meaning you’ll still have an overview of the calls your employees are making regardless of their location.

The Hidden Benefits

  • No Server Maintenance: With less reliance on internal server infrastructure, the cost and time involved in maintaining and replacing these systems disappear.
  • Disaster Recovery: If the worst happens and your internal systems are no longer available, you are able to recover data and continue with business as normal, provided you have access to an internet connection.


As a business, you need to be more agile than ever if you are to remain resilient to external factors and beat the competition. Whether it’s a Cloud File Server, Email or Phone System, all Cloud services can assist your business to establish a remote workplace.  For more information, contact SEBS and see how we can help you create a reliable, always-on work environment that is both convenient and cost effective. Call 01444 41 66 41 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.