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5 Point IT Checklist

Five key areas you should consider to improve your IT strategy


IT systems are a huge concern for every business, particularly those whose functionality is dependent on it. As a business expands, so does the required technology, but with it, also the risk of system failure or threat of cyber-attacks. To help avoid any disruption from glitches, failures or cyber criminals, we have identified five key areas you should consider to improve the security and functionality of your IT support systems.



We have all heard the common password tips at one point or another – ‘Don’t use obvious passwords’, ‘don’t use your birthday’, ‘use special characters’, the list goes on. Yet, this is largely still being ignored. All too often at SEBS, we hear of organisations who have suffered the event of a cyber security breach but remain vulnerable to further attacks as they continue to use weak passwords.

To put it simply, your system security is only as strong as the passwords themselves, so it is crucial your password practices are reviewed on a regular basis. Cyber criminals will have password cracking software at their disposal, making your passwords readily available to them within minutes. To tackle this, it is essential that weak areas are identified and passwords are a lengthy combination of numerical, uppercase, lowercase and special characters. Better yet, establish a system policy that enforces such regulations across your business.

Data Backup

For any business, protecting your data is vital. Studies show that a high percentage of businesses who experience a major loss of data fail within two years of the event.

Whilst backing up the data is significant in itself, the work doesn’t end there. Your processes need regular reviewing, tests and updates to ensure the correct data is being stored on an ongoing basis.

Often overlooked is business data that is stored in the cloud, as it is a common assumption that cloud services (such as Office 365) include backup solutions. Unfortunately, that is not the case so it is your responsibility to ensure the correct systems are in place.

Staff Training

The majority of security breaches or system issues can be traced back to either employee errors or simply a lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is vital to provide cyber awareness training. That way, your employees will know how to identify and respond to common security threats such as phishing emails.


With GDPR now in full force, many UK businesses are facing large financial penalties as punishment for ignoring data policies. Reports have been released that reveal around 10% of workers have access to confidential information not granted to them, whilst 25% of staff admit to storing business data in the public cloud when not permitted to.

To avoid this, we advise you conduct regular compliance audits to ensure your business can take corrective actions before any compliance issues result in fines.

IT Strategy

As obvious as it seems, you need to consider whether your current IT solutions are value for money.

In general, businesses that are quick to respond to changes in technology will reap the benefits and succeed. This does not mean to say the rest will fail, but you should strive to be the market leader with the latest innovation. Nor should you stick with something purely because that’s the way it has always been done.

You may want to check that you are not wasting money on a costly service that is no longer in line with your strategy or budget. Does your support allow for expansion? Could new technology reduce cost and increase efficiency? At SEBS, we can advise on the latest technology and how they would best suit your business. 



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